Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Great year full of solutions and happy clients

Well, as the year 2007 comes to an end, we look back and reflect on what we have accomplished so far and there is a lot to be thankful and proud of. In the Healthcare IT you think that all the solutions have been implemented and they are all out there for you to use, but looking at what our team has come up with and accomplished tells a different story. It is clear that solutions are completed unique in so many ways. You can take an integration done by a group XYZ and compare it to another one by ABC and you will shocked on how different they are even if they have the same purpose. Being involved in technology is one of the best things that ever happened to me. You get to design and implement different ideas that resolve different challenges everyday for clients. because every one's need is different there is an endless amount of opportunity to create something that will make a different for the other.

One other interesting point is that you don't necessarily have to have years and years of experience to establish best solutions. Much of the talent we have in our group is young out of our local area (little town called Mooresville or race city USA), but by having a little faith and knowledge of the domain they are able to brain storm some impressive things. It goes to show that you don't have to be a multi million dollar company to have the best solutions or products out there, its about having the right combination of people, skill and leadership.

This year we have gone and bid against larger software vendors to provide IT support as well as software solutions, and we came up ahead and won most of those bids. That I think is something that I am very pround of. Because sometimes you sit back and wonder, I am competing with someone that has millions invested in marketing, staff, branding and so forth, but we just present the products and show how they can apply and make a different to the clients, and with our reputation, the clients dont seem to find the need to question all that, and once they use our solutions and see the type of support we provide and one and one relationship we have, they are very thankful for the decision they have made.

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