Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cool toy of the month!!!! Watch your internet shows on your TV

Ok, it has been a while since i was able to watch anything that talks about technology on TV. I used to watch in the past TechTV, but that's long gone and been replaced. I settle now for reading/watching tech podcast during lunch at work, or before I start my day in the morning. The challange I kept finding was that I can never efficiently organize and view that information as entertainment. Ok, let me explain. In the evening instead of learning about Desktop virtulization or the latest micrtosoft developpement tools 2010, I am stuck surfing tv reality shows between commercial breaks from MSNBC and CNN. So, I finally made a decision to bring those useful shows to my TV. And that's when I discovered the D-Link 520/510. These are neat little devices that act as a Top Set where they connect to your wireless network and your tv, and allow you to bring your media library to your TV and control it using a remote control. Just imaging the following:
at 10:00 AM you receive an update from an RSS feed you signed up for, and it talks about the latest microsoft Surface SDK, and different showcases or uses in the medical field.
Now imagine that you are too busy to click on it and view it, because like all of us you have deadlines a boss breathing your neck. So, you are disapointed that you missed that opportunity to learn something new and cool.
Then you go home and realize that you have this little cool toy that actually keeps track of your favorite RSS feeds, and presents them to you directly on your TV. Well that toy or one of them is the D-Link 510/520.
You kick back on your couch or start on your tradmill, then press play and voila. You are now watch and learning about the exciting new Microsoft Surface and trying to think of ways you can get your boss to spend 15k on it to prove how cool it would be to use as part of your next EMR presentation.

PS: i am convinced that this technology one day very soon will be in the radiology departments as well as other specialties!!!

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