Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Meaningful use released

It is finally here. We now can review the initial details behind meaningful use. With the release of the matrix and Preamble we can have a good grasp on what would be needed from everyone to follow the ARRA requirements.

The matrix is very well organized. From looking at it, not only technical individuals can see exactly which standard/MDX queries to create, but also clinical staff will be able to identify what changes are needed in the data collection and work flow adjustments.

These measures would be completed in three different stages 2011, 2013, and 2015.

The matrix has the following headings:
  • Health Outcomes Policy Priorities
  • Care Goals
  • 2011 Objectives Goal is to electronically capture in coded format and to report health information and to use that information to track key clinical conditions
  • 2011 Measures
  • 2013 Objectives Goal is to guide and support care processes and care coordination
  • 2013 Measures
  • 2015 Objectives Goal is to achieve and improve performance and support care processes and on key health system outcomes

I truly hope that while everyone is reading these requirements, vendors out there are starting to make adjustments and will enable their clients to easily report on these objectives. Every vendor who is "certified EHR" (to be defined soon) should begin to publish some of the queries and report files needed to the healthcare organizations. If not I will be more than happy to assist anyone with the appropriate database access permissions to accomplish the measures. ;) you will just need to ask!

Now, I will start connecting to few databases and see what queries I can start playing with!

Here is the matrix Click here, and the Preamble

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