Thursday, March 18, 2010

New release on a powerful open source PACS/RIS clearcanvas 2.0

For all the open source fans, a new version if the clearcanvas RIS/PACS 2.0 has been released. clearcanvas is a great suite of imaging solution. This application has many of the functionality and features of some of the market’s top PACS/RIS application providers. The difference is this is “FREE” (more details on licensing available here: )

I have installed this solution and I was very surprised how quickly it can be deployed. What were more impressive were the advanced capabilities it enables you to perform just by using their SDK. This solution was built on an extensible application framework.

This solution can be provide immense value for some of the healthcare organizations looking to implement a small PACS system to manage their imaging (Ultrasounds) without all the high costs associated with some of the packages offered in the market. An OB/GYN practice or Imaging center can eliminate all the costs associated with Photo-paper, expensive color ink, and the need to file by hand these images in the chart, just by simply rolling out this type of solution and offering the physicians access to high quality images through the clearcanvas client. For radiology, this open source package offers a great range of features:

• Image storage, retrieval and archival
• Image viewing and or streaming
• Modality work list
• HL7 capabilities
• Workflow engine
• IHE-modeled Scheduled Workflow
• Paperless protocoling
• Preliminary Diagnosis workflow
• Resident-Supervisor workflow
• Customizable technologist documentation
• Multi-facility, multi-HIS Master Patient Index

So if you are a big open source advocate, and want to reduce (eliminate) direct licensing costs, this may just be the PACS/RIS solution you need. But note that as with many open source solutions, having the appropriate skills to support and troubleshoot is critical. While you may purchase support through clearcanvas, it is important to fully evaluate your need, current hardware and how you plan on having the application supported.
Check out their web site


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