Wednesday, March 3, 2010

News Media Party at the Georgia Aquarium HIMSS 2010

Another highlight of my day was the exciting news Media meet up. Organized by John Lynn creator of the (Great healthcare informatics resources). During this meeting, I was fortunate to meet up and discuss with several individuals the current challenges our healthcare faces as well as some of the exciting changes going on. John and I got do talk about healthcare technology, ARRA and some of the challenges we all face in this field. John who is very passionate about the healthcare field shared with me some of his thoughts on the current ARRA and impact it has on healthcare practices.
Jean DerCurahian who is a news writer for TechTarget was also attending, and had the opportunity to exchange some thoughts. We in the healthcare bloggerspere have a lot in common. Sharing our thoughts, opinions and experiences hopefully can bring value to others.


emr and hipaa said...

Thanks for coming to the New Media meetup. Was a lot of fun. Glad that everything worked out. Can't wait to do it again next year.

Anonymous said...


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